Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption

The Finhaut church in Valais is a 20th century sacred art masterpiece. Within its baroque atmosphere, the visitor is guided by a play of light and darkness through various visual and lighting hierarchies. Generous in symbolism, the church showcases art pieces in a warm and vibrant ambiance. The use of carefully selected luminaires, their strategic […]


This unique penthouse, Golmenegg B, boasts a spectacular view from the Weisshorn to the Matterhorn and Villa Cassel. The interior architecture is characterized by a relaxed international mountain style. Lighting was a special interest from the customers, to allow an easy family life. Different light atmospheres can be easily changed with the touch of a […]

House Bramois

The lighting in the apartment creates a harmonious and subtle ambiance that fosters well-being and motivation. The guest room doubles as a sewing workshop with adjustable lighting that adapts to different tasks. In the office, the lighting fixture blends seamlessly with the architecture, achieving a perfect balance between natural and artificial light. Customized biodynamic lighting […]

Hotel Shed

In the heart of Verbier, Shed. HOTEL provides all the essentials for a delightful vacation. The establishment has been refurbished by a trio of Swedish friends and adorned with a vibrant ambiance and young scandinavian décor. The finishing touch was added with carefully selected design lighting to create a youthful atmosphere, making guests feel right […]

Church St-Germain

The objective of this lighting project was to highlight the unique architecture of the church in Savièse, Switzerland, and its historical, social, and artistic significance. The lighting strategy emphasizes both the building’s historic and architectural aspects, as well as a museum lighting element to showcase works of art by Ernest Bieler. A lighting control system […]


Renovation of an old farm, with the philosophy of “slow architecture”, that emphasizes sustainable construction materials and prioritize longevity and durability. To promote a mindful approach to design the lighting has been thought to fulfill the holistic concept, supporting the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of people in space while promoting sustainability.

Chalet Bettmeralp

The objective of the lighting concept for this chalet was to establish a serene and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for holiday relaxation. The chalet’s interior features a tasteful combination of premium materials, traditional alpine ornaments, and unique artworks, making it a veritable gem in its radiant surroundings.