Showroom Udry

UDRY Constructions SA is a construction companies portfolio comprises the development, construction, and renovation of chalets, villas, and buildings, including Minergie and Minergie P constructions. Their showroom provides customers with a comfortable environment to select materials and construction products. The showroom features two distinct atmospheres – “chalet” and “villa” styles, each enriched with various lighting […]

Shop Ski Service

The sports store’s objective was to create a shopping experience that evoked a sense of irresistible satisfaction through the tactile sensation of feeling the product’s supple materials between one’s fingers. To attract the attention of the passersby, dynamic and technical lighting is designed to guide their attention throughout the store, with the ultimate goal of […]

Apartment Petite Chasseur

In an industrial-style city apartment, lighting fixtures are often exposed, with an emphasis on raw materials and bold colors such as metal, black, or oversized dimensions. The office area is typically illuminated with bright and uniform lighting, featuring overhead lighting and task lighting at individual workstations. Similarly, the lighting design in the conference room creates […]

Apartment Laurel & Hardy

This delightful English-style chalet is accentuated for the purpose of enjoying quality time with family and friends or simply living moments of intimacy. Tailored lighting arrangements have been implemented to enhance the ambiance of comfort and delight.

Chalet Savièse

Nestled in the serene Swiss Alps within the canton of Valais, this chalet’s architecture pays homage to the traditional construction of the alpine region, while its interior design blends luxurious local materials with modern technology. The carefully crafted lighting scheme lends an air of refinement, while maintaining a comfortable ambiance that transcends any lighting scene […]

Church Saint-Romain

The St-Romain church located in Ayent, the heart of Valais, is a historic monument, built in the 19th century and inaugurated in 1867. For the 150th anniversary, various restoration and modernization work has been undertaken. The aim of the lighting project is to enrich the sacred aspects by highlighting the significant aspects of the building […]

Chapel Notre Dame des Corbelins

The chapel of Chandolin, Notre-Dame des Corbelins, was built in 1666 and dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin and built in an elegant Baroque style. At the entrance, the stained-glass window of the Nativity was created by Albert Chavaz in 1977. During the recent restoration, the lighting brought new life and renewed the spirit […]

Apartment Alex 204

Apartment Alex

Nestled in the heart of Verbier, this charming residence is an exclusive and luxurious development in an exceptional location. Here, comfort is crafted into every detail of this oasis, with interiors out of natural stone, rustic antique paneling, and aged timber. Each element of the interior architecture is carefully selected and designed to perfection. The […]